[rabbitmq-discuss] ANN: Habari RabbitMQ Client 1.1 - message broker client for Delphi

Michael Justin michael.justin at gmx.net
Thu Oct 20 11:26:19 BST 2011

October 18, 2011 - Habarisoft announces release 1.1 of Habari RabbitMQ 
Client, a library for Delphi and Free Pascal which provides easy access 
to RabbitMQ, the open source enterprise messaging system based on the 
AMQP standard.
With this library, developers can build integrated solutions, using the 
peer-to-peer or the publish and subscribe communication model. Habari 
RabbitMQ Client uses the RabbitMQ STOMP plugin and supports RabbitMQ 
versions 2.6.1 and higher, Delphi 2009 to XE2, and Free Pascal. (Limited 
support for older Delphi versions is available)

This release introduces support for durable subscriptions. Durable 
subscriptions can receive messages sent while the subscribers are not 
active. Durable subscriptions provide the flexibility and reliability of 
queues but still allow clients to send messages to many recipients.

Habari Client Libraries: http://www.habarisoft.com/habari.html

The library already has received very good feedback from the Delphi 
community. I would like to take the opportunity and thank the RabbitMQ 
team for creating a very attractive messaging solution, which can be 
used reliably in cross-platform/cross language integration projects over 
the RabbitMQ STOMP plug-in.

Michael Justin
habarisoft - Enterprise Messaging Software for Delphi®

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