[rabbitmq-discuss] Cluster Join Failure

Jason J. W. Williams jasonjwwilliams at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 22:45:30 BST 2011

Nevermind. Due to the Mnesia upgrade failure and a lack of coffee...I
forgot to do a "reset" before the cluster command.


On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Jason J. W. Williams
<jasonjwwilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a 2.5.1 cluster that was running on my laptop (OS X 10.7.2).
> I upgraded to 2.6.1 and Mnesia locked up during the database upgrade
> process. Restarting Rabbit caused a failure due to half-finished
> upgrade (not sure why it was taking so long as there were no messages
> in Mnesia at the time). Since there was no valuable data in Mnesia, I
> went ahead and wiped out /var/lib/rabbitmq and restarted both nodes.
> Both nodes came up correctly now, however now when I try to join
> rabbit2 at Phantome to rabbit at Phantome, I get the following schema merge
> error:
> Clustering node rabbit2 at Phantome with [rabbit at Phantome,rabbit2 at Phantome] ...
> Error: {unable_to_join_cluster,
>           [rabbit at Phantome,rabbit2 at Phantome],
>           {merge_schema_failed,
>               "Incompatible schema cookies. Please, restart from old
> backup.rabbit at Phantome =
> [{name,schema},{type,set},{ram_copies,[]},{disc_copies,[rabbit at Phantome]},{disc_only_copies,[]},{load_order,0},{access_mode,read_write},{majority,false},{index,[]},{snmp,[]},{local_content,false},{record_name,schema},{attributes,[table,cstruct]},{user_properties,[]},{frag_properties,[]},{cookie,{{1319,492091,286375},rabbit at Phantome}},{version,{{3,0},{rabbit at Phantome,{1319,492118,596284}}}}],
> rabbit2 at Phantome =
> [{name,schema},{type,set},{ram_copies,[]},{disc_copies,[rabbit2 at Phantome]},{disc_only_copies,[]},{load_order,0},{access_mode,read_write},{majority,false},{index,[]},{snmp,[]},{local_content,false},{record_name,schema},{attributes,[table,cstruct]},{user_properties,[]},{frag_properties,[]},{cookie,{{1319,492095,479659},rabbit2 at Phantome}},{version,{{2,0},[]}}]\n"}}
> I'm a little confused since both nodes should be empty and their
> Mnesia recreated from scratch by Rabbit before the join. Thank you in
> advance for your help.
> -J

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