[rabbitmq-discuss] Round robin dispatch between N queues

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Fri Oct 21 10:59:33 BST 2011

If I understand you correctly you want to have every channel receive 
messages from every queue?

In that case just have every channel issue a basic.consume for every 
queue, and use a lowish prefetch count with basic.qos. Each queue will 
round-robin to each channel that has capacity to consume.

Cheers, Simon

On 18/10/11 18:19, Vijay Devadhar wrote:
> Dear RabbitMQ Users,
> I am likely to setup a RabbitMQ node with multiple queues; The traffic
> rate on each
> Queue is not predictable and will vary based on the time of the day. If
> there are
> 100 queues in the system, and 50 threads listening to them, I would like
> the dispatcher
> to fairly allocate resources to all queues with messages ready to be
> processed at any given time.
> I do not want to pre-allocate threads to queues by restricting what they
> listen on;
> I want to be able to allow all threads to work on a single queue if that
> is the only one with traffic.
> Is that doable? If yes, how?
> Thanks
> Vijay
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