[rabbitmq-discuss] Round robin dispatch between N queues

Vijay Devadhar vdevadhar at salesforce.com
Tue Oct 18 18:19:13 BST 2011

Dear RabbitMQ Users,

I am likely to setup a RabbitMQ node with multiple queues; The traffic rate on each
Queue is not predictable and will vary based on the time of the day. If there are
100 queues in the system, and 50 threads listening to them, I would like the dispatcher
to fairly allocate resources to all queues with messages ready to be processed at any given time.

I do not want to pre-allocate threads to queues by restricting what they listen on;
I want to be able to allow all threads to work on a single queue if that is the only one with traffic.

Is that doable? If yes, how?


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