[rabbitmq-discuss] WebSockets and Rabbit-mq

Paul Cowan dagda1 at scotalt.net
Wed Oct 19 21:23:53 BST 2011


I am struggling to work out how I can communicate between rabbitmq and

My are requirements for the piece of work are this.

   1. I want a user to be able to kick off from a web page a long running
   process that could take at least 20 minutes to finish.
   2. I want the process to complete even if the user closes down the
   3. While the user still has the browser open, I want the user to be able
   to get real time updates of the long running process displayed in the

   My thoughts are that the client script on the page will create a
   websocket connection that will kick off an EventMachine-Websocket instance
   on the server (I am using Ruby on Rails).
   The websocket instance will subscribe to an AMQP queue that will complete
   the long running process even if the browser is closed down.

   I am struggling with how the em-websocket instance will receive updates
   of the work that is being done which is effectively inserts into a database.

   Do I need 2 queues?  One to start the process and one to receive updates
   or is there a better way?

   Can anybody shed any advice on this situation?  Has anybody done anything


Paul Cowan

Cutting-Edge Solutions (Scotland)

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