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yoav glazner yoavglazner at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 23:16:50 BST 2011

> > How does QoS manage to load-balance multiple queues within a channel?
> > I thought the queue consulted the limiter before delivering a new
> > message...in that case could one add a little bit of logic to the
> > limiter to prefer one queue over another? I believe there is already
> > some logic in the limiter that tracks rejection rates per
> > queue...could this be implemented as an extension to that?
> Not really, it's "one phase commit" -- the queue says "will you take
> this message?" and the limiter either commits and gets the message, or
> doesn't and is thereafter considered blocked.  Thus there's no
> opportunity to defer acceptance.
> Prioritising consumers for a queue would be easier I think, but sadly
> that is the one permutation that no-one seems to need.
> -Michael

Can one create a Prioritised "topic exchange"?
msg1 topic= #first
msg2 topic= #4th
msg3 topic= #2nd
msg4 topic= #3rd
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