[rabbitmq-discuss] management plugin 2.5.1 - using RABBITMQ_SERVER_START_ARGS to control port in batch file

Jason Klassen Jason.Klassen at protegra.com
Wed Jun 29 20:48:45 BST 2011


How can I modify rabbitmq-server.bat to launch the management plugin on a specific port that is not 55672?  I want to accomplish this in the batch file and not in a config file.

I'm running rabbitmq 2.5.1 server on windows 7.  The server and client are both happily running and so I'm turning my attention to the management plugin.  I modified rabbitmq-server.bat to include some commands for mochiweb plugin,  the important part being "-rabbitmq_mochiweb port 55673 ^" in place of  RABBITMQ_SERVER_START_ARGS.  When the batch is run it fires the plugin up but on 55672 as if it's ignoring the parameters.  I am using the 2.5.1 version of the 6 plugin files need for the management plugin.   The modified part looks like below:

"!ERLANG_HOME!\bin\erl.exe" ^
-noinput ^
-s rabbit ^
+W w ^
+A30 ^
+P 1048576 ^
-kernel inet_default_connect_options "[{nodelay, true}]" ^
-kernel error_logger {file,\""!LOGS:\=/!"\"} ^
-sasl errlog_type error ^
-sasl sasl_error_logger {file,\""!SASL_LOGS:\=/!"\"} ^
-os_mon start_cpu_sup true ^
-os_mon start_disksup false ^
-os_mon start_memsup false ^
-mnesia dir \""!RABBITMQ_MNESIA_DIR!"\" ^
-rabbitmq_mochiweb port 55673 ^

When I was running server 2.4.1 the command used was "-rabbit_mochiweb port 55673 ^" which would correctly launch the management plugin on http://localhost:55673/

Jason Klassen

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