[rabbitmq-discuss] erl.exe crash

bradrover brking at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 15:51:42 BST 2011

> What is "Perf"?

Sorry. like the original poster on this topic, I'm usinng the .Net
client example: RabbitMQ.Client.Examples.PerfTest.

Thanks for the insight on the erlang vm. I'll try the upgrade.

On Jun 22, 6:32 am, Matthias Radestock <matth... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> On 21/06/11 16:20, bradrover wrote:
> > Running on an older Win XP desktop. I
> > installed everything fresh from the Windows bundle, including erlang.
> > (2.5.0/R14B02). I then ran the Perf
> What is "Perf"?
> > I'm not even approaching any resource limits I can see in the
> > management plug-in. Handles were at 46/1024, memory at 422M. This is
> > concerning to me that any client could actually crash the server,
> > regardless of OS installed on. We would run production on Linux, but
> > that doesn't explain this issue.
> Your test managed to crash the Erlang VM. That certainly shouldn't
> happen. However, the Erlang VM on Linux is quite different from the one
> on Windows and is much more battle hardened. I'd be amazed if your tests
> managed to crash it there. So please give that a try.
> Also, if you can really reproducibly crash the Windows Erlang VM then
> please try the latest version of Erlang (R14B03 at present) and if it
> still crashes file a bug with the Erlang folks (erlang-b... at erlang.org).
> Regards,
> Matthias
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