[rabbitmq-discuss] erl.exe crash

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jun 22 11:32:40 BST 2011

On 21/06/11 16:20, bradrover wrote:
> Running on an older Win XP desktop. I
> installed everything fresh from the Windows bundle, including erlang.
> (2.5.0/R14B02). I then ran the Perf

What is "Perf"?

> I'm not even approaching any resource limits I can see in the
> management plug-in. Handles were at 46/1024, memory at 422M. This is
> concerning to me that any client could actually crash the server,
> regardless of OS installed on. We would run production on Linux, but
> that doesn't explain this issue.

Your test managed to crash the Erlang VM. That certainly shouldn't 
happen. However, the Erlang VM on Linux is quite different from the one 
on Windows and is much more battle hardened. I'd be amazed if your tests 
managed to crash it there. So please give that a try.

Also, if you can really reproducibly crash the Windows Erlang VM then 
please try the latest version of Erlang (R14B03 at present) and if it 
still crashes file a bug with the Erlang folks (erlang-bugs at erlang.org).



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