[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ 2.5.0 cluster cannot start

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 15:54:24 BST 2011

> I understand that alpha and gamma are working together, only beta won't join any other node?
> On beta, try to remove the cluster directive from the configfile and join it manually:
> Rabbitmqctl stop_app
> Rabbitmqctl cluster rabbit at kvm-alpha rabbit at kvm-gamma
> Rabbitmqctl start_app

Here's the transcript of trying to do that by hand (rabbitmq is
running on beta without any config-file cluster config, and rabbit is
running clustered on the other two machines):

kvm-beta ~ # rabbitmqctl cluster_status
Cluster status of node 'rabbit at kvm-beta' ...
[{nodes,[{disc,['rabbit at kvm-beta']}]},{running_nodes,['rabbit at kvm-beta']}]
kvm-beta ~ # rabbitmqctl stop_app
Stopping node 'rabbit at kvm-beta' ...
kvm-beta ~ # rabbitmqctl reset
Resetting node 'rabbit at kvm-beta' ...
kvm-beta ~ # rabbitmqctl cluster rabbit at kvm-alpha
Clustering node 'rabbit at kvm-beta' with ['rabbit at kvm-alpha'] ...
Error: {unable_to_join_cluster,
           ['rabbit at kvm-alpha'],
                             ['rabbit at kvm-gamma','rabbit at kvm-alpha'],
                             {{1308,347724,86957},'rabbit at kvm-alpha'},
                              {'rabbit at kvm-gamma',{1308,347733,438674}}}}]},

If I try to join with kvm-gamma instead, it gives me the same errors.  Very odd.

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