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Mark Steele msteele at beringmedia.com
Fri Jun 17 18:05:52 BST 2011

Hi Jon,

Rabbit will not scale to a large throughput of messages published to a
single queue as they all get delivered to a single node.

Here's one way to do it:


The gist is:

   - Rabbit doesn't scale on per queue basis. The answer: create many
   queues, bound to the same exchange
   - Use a direct exchange, which will rely on routing keys to decide which
   queue to deliver a message to
   - Pre-declare the queues on the nodes inside your cluster, bind them
   using a known set of routing keys (eg: queueA with routing keys 1-100 on
   server1, queueB with routing keys 101-200 on server2, etc...). Assuming
   durable queues here...
   - Have your publisher randomly pick a routing key and node to connect to
   (or use a load balancer)
   - Use the mandatory flag to ensure your message reaches a queue, if it
   fails re-publish using a different randomly picked routing key
   - Have your consumers connect to all queues

Using the technique described above, you can load balance incoming TCP
connections to a cluster of rabbit nodes. Load will get distributed based on
the randomly picked routing keys used by the publishers.

The problem with this is that HA is not addressed.

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On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Jon Charette <jon.charette at gmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings,
> We are investigating using RabbitMQ in a clustered environment to provide
> load balancing and some fault tolerance for an application currently under
> development.
> I'm not a developer, I'm the lead of our Operations team.  Clustering seems
> the best approach for my team as it simplifies our application configuration
> significantly.
> My question is this.  Our Dev team has told me that since clustering only
> provides node fault tolerance, it doesn't add any additional gain to our
> design.  Specifically, they mentioned that since a message queue only
> resides on one node,
> "All data/state required for the operation of a RabbitMQ broker is
> replicated across all nodes, for reliability and scaling, with full ACID
> properties. An exception to this are message queues, which currently only
> reside on the node that created them, though they are visible and reachable
> from all nodes. Future releases of RabbitMQ will introduce migration and
> replication of message queues."
> clustering doesn't allow us to scale based on the numbers of messages being
> sent to one queue.  Is this true, or does the cluster distribute messages
> sent to the same message queue throughout off of its member nodes?  My
> assumption based on the documentation is that this is the case, but if a
> node is lost, messages that were currently residing on that node are lost as
> well due to no fault tolerance.
> Thanks much.
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