[rabbitmq-discuss] Cluster with Single Message queue

Jon Charette jon.charette at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 16:51:23 BST 2011


We are investigating using RabbitMQ in a clustered environment to provide
load balancing and some fault tolerance for an application currently under

I'm not a developer, I'm the lead of our Operations team.  Clustering seems
the best approach for my team as it simplifies our application configuration

My question is this.  Our Dev team has told me that since clustering only
provides node fault tolerance, it doesn't add any additional gain to our
design.  Specifically, they mentioned that since a message queue only
resides on one node,

"All data/state required for the operation of a RabbitMQ broker is
replicated across all nodes, for reliability and scaling, with full ACID
properties. An exception to this are message queues, which currently only
reside on the node that created them, though they are visible and reachable
from all nodes. Future releases of RabbitMQ will introduce migration and
replication of message queues."

clustering doesn't allow us to scale based on the numbers of messages being
sent to one queue.  Is this true, or does the cluster distribute messages
sent to the same message queue throughout off of its member nodes?  My
assumption based on the documentation is that this is the case, but if a
node is lost, messages that were currently residing on that node are lost as
well due to no fault tolerance.

Thanks much.
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