[rabbitmq-discuss] use rabbit.config file to start multiple nodes

Jason Klassen Jason.Klassen at protegra.com
Wed Jun 15 22:51:00 BST 2011


I'd like to use the rabbitmq.config file and rabbitmq-server.bat to start 2 nodes with a single call to rabbitmq-server.bat.  From the information on clustering it sounds like this should be possible.  My desired setup is:

Node 1:
Nodename = Writer
IP = localhost
Port = 4444

Node 2:
Nodename = Reader
IP =
Port = 5555

I have it to the point now where I can configure multiple tcp listeners but that still gives me the default node of "rabbit" and the intent is to have 2 separate nodes.  Separate nodes are preferable over vhost solutions for better isolation.

My rabbitmq.config file currently looks like this:

    {rabbit, [{tcp_listeners,[{"localhost", 4444}]}]}

How do I set the nodename through the config file?  How can I set 2 nodes in a single config file?  I am trying to avoid setting environment variables as this solution should be easily run by other developers and a config file removes the chance of typos.

Jason Klassen

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