[rabbitmq-discuss] Redudancy solutions

Joseph Marlin joseph.a.marlin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 16:21:58 BST 2011


I'm looking for some insight on different ways of achieving a HA
RabbitMQ setup without using DRBD. Because of our current setup, doing
that kind of configuration would be very difficult to achieve.

I'd really like to get a setup where if one machine goes down, another
machine can immediately take over, retaining the exact state of
RabbitMQ on the failed machine when it went down.

My latest attempt at a redudant solution was two completely separate,
identical, RabbitMQ setups. A publisher pushed messages to the queues
of each independent node at the same time. I also had a Cassandra
cluster node installed on each node. Before a consumer would handle a
message, it would check in with the Cassandra database to ensure that
it had not already been handled. This worked fine at extremely slow
speeds, but at anything above 50 messages/sec, there were simply way
too many double-handled messages, which are not acceptable.

Is there an alternative to HA that doesn't involve DRBD/Pacemaker/etc?

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