[rabbitmq-discuss] Amqphp Version 0.9

Robin Harvey harvey.robin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 15:09:08 BST 2011


Just a quick note from me to say that I've released a 0.9 version of my Amqp
PHP 5.3 library.  Here's a quick breakdown of changes in recent versions:

1.  Support for lightwight publish confirms (
2.  Support for multiple broker connections.  A single consumer can consume
from 2 or more brokers at the same time
3.  A new build system, based on Phing (like Ant for PHP) which takes care
of code generation
4.  Build system outputs to different package varieties to help integrate in
to either a web server or script based environment
5.  Documentation: https://github.com/BraveSirRobin/amqphp/wiki
6.  Support for RabbitMQ Capabilities:

Unless you want to help develop the library I suggest you download the
tagged 0.9 tarball, this includes all of the generated code so you don't
have to install Phing and do it yourself.

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