[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-ha-test setup

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jul 28 11:19:48 BST 2011

Hi Sunkai.

rabbitmq-ha-test is just test infrastructure for the new HA feature. The 
actual HA code is in rabbitmq-server. If you build that from mercurial 
you can use HA, although there aren't really any docs yet. (Super-brief 
explanation: build a cluster, then declare a queue with an argument 
"x-ha-policy" set to "all". The queue will then be mirrored across all 
nodes in the cluster.)

If you're not comfortable building RabbitMQ from source then the 
simplest thing to do is wait, it will hopefully be released in the next 
few weeks. Documentation will be forthcoming at release :)

Cheers, Simon

On 27/07/11 23:57, sunkai florence wrote:
> Hello together
> I heard about the rabbitmq-ha-test developed by rabitmq as an
> experimental feature and I have download the source code from
> github. I am considering a high availability broker setup using the
> rabbitmq-ha-test code and I wanted to check if there is someone here
> who could help with experience/advice.
> I have searched on google for a long while and I got nothing about
> the function and setup of these code.
> Is these code used for clustering or active/passive HA?
> Using the rabbitmq-ha-test, there is no message to be lost when a
> rabbitmq-node is down, is this right?
> Meanwhile, what is the right way to setup these source code? I am not
> quite familiar whit erlang, so I just download the code and don't
> know what to do next.
> Any ideas or hints will be much appreciated.
> Sunkai Peking University
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