[rabbitmq-discuss] Installation Trouble on Windows - "The handle is invalid"

Christopher Moloney cmoloney at vt.edu
Thu Jul 28 04:09:34 BST 2011

Hello Emile and Ann,

Thanks for your help.  Your suggestions were enough to help me solve my
problems and get the server up and running. If you would like to know
more detail about what went wrong form me you can keep reading.

I did not have an older version installed before my problems began. I
installed for the first time Monday per the windows install instructions
(not using the binary), but that didn’t work. I went through the install
instructions several times and I think I was making a mess and causing
conflicts with various erlang installations and directories for the rabbitmq
server. Eventually I understood the process and I wascertain to make sure to
set the %ERLANG_HOME% and % RABBITMQ_SERVER% path variables, then add
%ERLANG_HOME%\bin and % RABBITMQ_SERVER%\sbin to path, and copy the
C:\Windows .erlang.cookie over to replace the cookie in my C:\Users\cmoloney
folder. However by this point I think my problem was with the windows

During the multiple installs, I tried to remove the services and use the
binary install. Running the binary, the windows service was not removed. I
thought the fresh install would overwrite the current service. It did not.
The existing service remained and it referenced the old erlang directory.
First, I tried to edit the path in the windows service, but could not. Then
I looked up how to remove a service and found the SC DELETE command. I used
it to remove the service, which it seemed to do because it is no longer in
the list. However when I try to install rabbitmq now I am told the “service
is already present – only updating service parameters” after that no service
appears in the list.

Unfortunately I was not aware of the “rabbitmq-service.bat remove” command
when I ran SC DELETE. I do think the presence of some registry values was
the root of the problem. I did not discover the trouble shooting page until
late in the game, which is odd because I was staring at the install page for
hours and the trouble shooting is at the bottom of the install page. For
people like me I would say put a link to “Trouble Shooting” at the end of
each install section where you have “more info” links. Also I looked for
FAQs, Support/Trouble shooting in the nav at the top and did not see it.
Eventually I turned to google to search rabbitmq troubleshooting. The first
page returned is RabbitMQ – Installation, which I ignored the first time
through because of the page title, but later I notice that the text below
the title contained troubleshooting.

Another suggestion would be to make a brief mention of “rabbitmq-service
remove” in the install section (along with the link trouble shooting)
because when I encountered a problem I didn’t continue reading the
documentation and overlooked the remove command. Perhaps I should have
looked it all over but being hasty I breezed over it, which resulted in more

Based on your advice I first checked my registry.  There was a bunch of
stuff associated with rabbitmq in the directory where Emile suggested it
would be.

I checked to see if epmd.exe was running. It was, so I killed it.

I began by backing up the registry. I uninstalled erlang. I deleted the
rabbitmq registry entries under ErlSrv. I went to add remove programs, found
RabbitMQ still had a trace there, removed it. I removed the path variables.
I removed the directory in APP_DATA.

Then I restarted. I installed erlang and rabbitmq from the windows package.
I restarted after the install.

The windows install binary did not add the %RABBITMQ_SERVER% variable or add
";%RABBITMQ_SERVER%\sbin" to path. I added these things. I am running
windows 7 on a 64bit machine.

That did the trick. The server runs and I went through the tutorials today.

Thanks for your advice. I guess, my suggestions would be to add links to
trouble shooting at the foot of each operating system’s install guide (and
perhaps to the header nav) and to mention the “rabbitmq-service remove”

When I was going through the tutorials I got this error message back with
every submission to the server:

C:\Python27\...\pika\callback.py:69: UserWarning: CallbackManager.add:
Duplicate callback found for “0:Connection.CloseOk”
I am not sure if it is associated with my initial problem or if I mistakenly
defined the connection twice without clearing the connection. Does that
error message mean anything to you?

Thanks again.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 3:18 AM, Ann Witbrock (c) <awitbrock at vmware.com>wrote:

>  Hi Chris,
> I'm sorry our troubleshooting instructions weren't able to help you.
> Does the rabbitmq service still appear in your list of services?
> Is epmd.exe still running in your processes? You may like to kill that.
> Did you make any change to the cookie or was that ok?
> It sounds like you had an older version already installed. Is that correct?
> If so, you may need to install the older version combination in order to
> stop and remove the old service.
> After removing the service you should be able to uninstall rabbitmq, remove
> directories (including mnesia and logs if you want) and uninstall erlang,
> and remove any environment variables you dont want (eg from path and
> Double check there is no RabbitMQ service present and that epmd.exe is not
> running. You may wish to reboot.
> After that a clean fresh install should work ok. Our "experimental"
> installer works quite well, just ensure you stop, remove and start the
> service again (or reboot) after adding plugins. Also remember you may need
> to run some steps as administrator (elevated permission).
> Ann
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> Hello,
> I am new to rabbitmq and these sorts of messaging services. I am having
> trouble installing RabbitMQ on window7. I would like to use it in
> conjunction with django-celery to manage a task queue.
> I looked around the archives but I didn’t see anything that offered a
> solution to my problem.
> Here is a summary of what I have done thus far. First I installed erlang
> 5.8.4 and rabbitmq 2.5.1 and followed the procedure on the windows install
> page. Everything seemed to go well, however when I tried to run the server
> it continually returned node down. In the hello world example using pika I
> got the message that the connection was actively refused by the machine. So
> first I checked my firewall to make sure port 5672 was open. Then, I made
> sure my C:/Windows .erlang.cookie matched the on in my user directory.
> Starting the server I would get a boot error that was not very descriptive:
> error, badmatch error.
> So I decided to try to uninstall and run the prepackaged windows binaries.
> Well then there was a windows service error mismatch because I had installed
> erlang 5.8.4 and the windows binaries used 5.8.3.  The windows service was
> point to the wrong directory. Service.msc does not allow you to edit the
> path. I used the SC DELETE command at the terminal to remove the RabbitMQ
> service imaging that a fresh install would replace the service value with
> the correct location.
> Since then I have not been able to add the service back. When I attempt to
> run ‘rabbitmq-service install’ get the message: Warning, could not set
> correct service description (comment) Error: The handle is invalid.
> The same message comes up when I run any of the commands. I have tried to
> wipe all traces of erlang and rabbit from my machine to start again, but it
> has not been possible. I would really like to resolve this matter and get
> the messaging server up and running.
> Any suggestions? I appreciate any assistance.
> Thanks.
> Chris
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