[rabbitmq-discuss] STOMP plugin and virtual hosts

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Wed Jul 20 03:25:57 BST 2011

On 20/07/11 11:46, Toby Corkindale wrote:
> On 19/07/11 20:44, Simon MacMullen wrote:
>> On 19/07/11 10:55, Toby Corkindale wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I've been using the STOMP plugin with RabbitMQ for some time now,
>>> successfully. I've just been using the default "/" virtual host.
>>> I'm now trying to work on partitioning different things into their own
>>> virtual hosts, but I'm not sure how this works with the STOMP plugin.
>>> How do I specify which virtual host to attempt to write to from within
>>> it? Do I put it in the destination field? Is it a header?
>> On CONNECT, STOMP 1.1 defines a "host" header. If present, Rabbit will
>> interpret this as the virtual host to use.
> Ah, thanks.
> It seems neither of the two available Perl STOMP modules support STOMP
> 1.1, just STOMP 1.0.
> In particular the module I'm using, Net::STOMP, doesn't let you pass a
> host header in the CONNECT frame.

It seems like there's been some good activity on CPAN in just the last 
few months - I just discovered Net::STOMP::Client, which implements 
STOMP 1.1, and Net::RabbitMQ (which uses AMQP).

I'll look into porting my code to one of them..


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