[rabbitmq-discuss] Documentation on priority?

Lowell.Boggs at emc.com Lowell.Boggs at emc.com
Wed Jul 13 20:21:32 BST 2011


Is there a page some where that explains what priorities are and how to use them?

I did not see message priority discussed in the tutorials.  A search of the rabbitmq site did not indicate that there was anything about priority there.  The only references the search gave me were to functions that allow you to set the priority or get it.  I found that the priorities range from 0-9 but that was about it.

For example, I'm interested in this information:

*  Is priority 0 higher or lower than priority 1?

*  Are messages with higher priority (whatever direction that is) guaranteed to be delivered before messages of lower priority?

*  Are the priorities of persistent messages in durable queues preserved after a server restart?

*  When populating the amq_basic_properties object with a priority, is it necessary to set the flags field such with a bit that indicates that priority is valid?

*  Are there any other aspects of the priority that I need to program around?


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