[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmqadmin or rabbitmqctl

Andi Constantin andi.constantin at mediasat.ro
Tue Jul 12 15:40:46 BST 2011

Hi !

  rabbitmqctl list_consumers always returns:
Listing consumers ...

rabbitmqadmin list queues name consumers  returns all the queues with 
zero consumers :(
And i know i have consumers because the system works fine.

That's why i try to see "Deliverers"


On 12.07.2011 17:29, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> On 12/07/11 14:40, Andi Constantin wrote:
>> Hi !
>> When I start two programs who takes messages from the same queue i can
>> see in the API interface in the zone "Message Rates" two channels at
>> "Deliveries"
>> In the Consumers are says ... no consumers ...
> Was the message rate 0? Management can show a 0 message rate for a 
> given (queue, channel) combination if there have previously been 
> messages delivered for that combination (even if there aren't any 
> being delivered now). Also the web interface conflates deliveries (to 
> consumers) and gets (which don't require consumers) - if any of your 
> clients use basic.get then that can contribute to message rates 
> without consumers being involved.
> However, if you're really seeing messages being consumed while the 
> management interface says "no consumers" then that's a bug. This is 
> quite well-used code though, so I'd be interested in how you managed 
> to trigger it.
>> How can i see that with rabbitmqadmin or rabbitmqctl ?
> I'm not sure what "that" is, so here are some possible answers:
> $ rabbitmqctl list_consumers
> will list all consumers, with columns [queue, channel pid, consumer 
> tag, acks required].
> $ rabbitmqctl list_queues name consumers
> will list the count of consumers for each queue.
> $ rabbitmqadmin list queues name consumers
> will do the same.
> Does that answer your question?
> Cheers, Simon

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