[rabbitmq-discuss] a few json rpc questions

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Mon Jul 11 10:23:31 BST 2011


I have three general questions regarding rabbit java rpc
1. How should I define the client when I want to use two applications?
currently i use this line
                    new JsonRpcCleint(channel,"",SomeStringNotUniqueToApp)
in all my apps.
Sometimes the application gets stuck in the client wen trying to get the

2. Is the JsonRPCClient/Server a guaranteed message delivery process?
By that I am asking if when the server falls and loads again after few
seconds- will it send answers ?

3. Is there any way to determine timout for RPC ?
I have asked it here before and received a negative answer (emile opened a
bug for it - bug23515)

Thank you very much.
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