[rabbitmq-discuss] How do heartbeats work? (was Heartbeat timeout)

Simone Busoli simone.busoli at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 00:24:41 BST 2011

I gave it a quick look honestly, I must have missed the caller. Thanks for
the clarification.
On Jul 8, 2011 1:11 AM, "Matthias Radestock" <matthias at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> Simone,
> (adding the list back on cc)
> On 07/07/11 23:56, Simone Busoli wrote:
>> Looking at the source of the .NET api I notice the default value is
>> 0, which would mean no heartbeats at all,
> Correct. The default in all our clients and the server is zero, i.e. no
> heartbeats.
>> although later in the code I can see it is somehow negotiated with
>> the server,
> Indeed. The server tells the client what heartbeat interval it wants and
> the client then tells the server what the heartbeat interval really
> should be. In our clients we pick the min of the client setting and the
> server setting.
>> I can't see when this negotiation is supposed to happen (the code is
>> not called anywhere, that is)
> The heartbeat setting negotiation code is definitely called.
> Matthias.
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