[rabbitmq-discuss] How do heartbeats work? (was Heartbeat timeout)

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jul 8 00:11:41 BST 2011


(adding the list back on cc)

On 07/07/11 23:56, Simone Busoli wrote:
> Looking at the source of the .NET api I notice the default value is
> 0, which would mean no heartbeats at all,

Correct. The default in all our clients and the server is zero, i.e. no

> although later in the code I can see it is somehow negotiated with
> the server,

Indeed. The server tells the client what heartbeat interval it wants and
the client then tells the server what the heartbeat interval really
should be. In our clients we pick the min of the client setting and the
server setting.

> I can't see when this negotiation is supposed to happen (the code is
> not called anywhere, that is)

The heartbeat setting negotiation code is definitely called.


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