[rabbitmq-discuss] Message properties

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon Feb 28 07:40:45 GMT 2011


James Carr wrote:
> Although Adam asked about fields I already knew about, I did come 
> across a bit of confusion recently while implementing my AMQP based 
> replication plugin for ehcache over the weekend. I've been using the 
> type field to specify the class name of objects that are replicated
> in caches on a cluster but I'm wondering if that's the proper field
> to use.

Beyond their brief descriptions the AMQP spec says nothing about the
purpose of these fields, though their intended use isn't all that hard 
to guess from the names and descriptions.

> I also noticed that there is a className header on BasicProperties

Presumably you are referring to the RabbitMQ Java client APIs. 
getClassName is just an ordinary getter method. AMQP groups its 
functionality into "classes" (confusingly, since they have nothing to do 
with classes in the OO sense). So BasicProperties.getClassName will 
return "basic".



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