[rabbitmq-discuss] Pika and multi-threading

Denis Conan Denis.Conan at telecom-sudparis.eu
Tue Feb 22 15:19:07 GMT 2011

Hi all,

The Pika Web site says: "Pika does not have any notion of threading in the 
code. If you want to use Pika with threading, make sure you have a Pika 
connection per thread, created in that thread. It is not safe to share one Pika 
connection across threads."

When using the continuation-passing style mode with SelectConnection, what 
about the singleton object IOLoop? I created a connection on the main thread 
for a vhost, and then a second connection for a different vhost in a new 
thread, but callbacks of the main threads for the first vhost are called. Am I 
missing something?

Any help appreciated.


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