[rabbitmq-discuss] Naming RabbitMQ nodes with complete domain names

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Sat Feb 19 22:52:21 GMT 2011


Max Bridgewater wrote:
> Thanks Alvaro. Unfortunately this still doesn't work for me. The steps
> I followed are:
> a) Stop rabbitmq
> b) Change the option -sname to -name in rabbitmq-multi

You'd also need to change this in rabbitmq-server.

However, ...

>>>>> The original issue is this: I'm trying to use JInterface to connect to
>>>>> a rabbitmq cluster hosted on EC2. But I keep getting "Cannot connect
>>>>> to peer node". My understanding is that this error is happening
>>>>> because I'm using the address 'rabbit at domain.org' to contact the
>>>>> remote RabbitMQ node named: rabbit at domain. (Note the missing TLD).
>>>>> That is, because there is no exact  match between the node name given
>>>>> to JInterface and the name of the node it is connecting to, the
>>>>> connection fails.
>>>>> I desperately tried configuring RabbitMQ to take the complete domain
>>>>> name (domain.org) instead of just the short domain name (domain). Any
>>>>> suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

I'd suggest configuring your local name resolution s.t. the hostname of 
the machine rabbit is running on resolves to the correct IP. That way 
you don't have to mess with long names.

Btw, what are you trying to accomplish with JInterface?



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