[rabbitmq-discuss] Is the C client a show-stopper for rabbit?

Eberhard Wolff eberhard.wolff at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 13:23:42 GMT 2011

Hi Jiri,

On 15.02.11 12:50, jiri.krutil.ext at deutsche-boerse.com remarked:
> 1. It has a C++ broker which should supposedly be faster than Erlang. I
> personaly don't think that C++ always means faster, but some people here
> do.

Benchmarks are always hard of course but there is the somewhat famous 
comparison of Erlang and C++ at Motorola:


Erlang was invented for telco applications and I believe the 
characteristics of telco applications are the same as for message 
brokers i.e. high concurrency, high availability etc. So I think the 
prejudice against Erlang's performance is not really justifiable.

Just my 0.02€ of course,


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