[rabbitmq-discuss] Is the C client a show-stopper for rabbit?

Jiri Krutil jiri at krutil.com
Tue Feb 15 12:41:53 GMT 2011


> Many customers use the C client in production.  The reason it is
> marked as experimental is that we would like to improve it.  How much
> would such plans impact your use?

First I must admit I have no experience with the C client whatsoever.  
I was looking for some documentation, but found just a readme file,  
which mensions some threading issues. I also vaguely remember seeing  
posts mentioning some other limitations in this list.

Maybe the C client is just fine as is. But on the other hand, you may  
have some reasons for not supporting it officially. I was hoping that  
you would honestly tell me what the limitations of the C client are;  
that would help a lot in evaluating its chances around here.

Should you decide to improve it in any way, or more importantly  
embrace it and put a "supported" sticker on it, that would definitely  
help a lot. I assume Deutsche Boerse would be willing to pay for  
official support and it would be quite unfortunate to have a client  
for the main platform excluded from that.

(And of course an object-oriented C++ wrapper around the C client  
would make things easier to use. I don't suppose that anything like  
that exists?)


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