[rabbitmq-discuss] Federating distributed RabbitMQ brokers

Iain Emsley iainemsley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 15:02:46 GMT 2011


Slightly following on from my earlier mail regarding getting ActiveMQ and
RabbitMQ talking to each other, I'm looking at the way that our brokers

As I'm pushing messages across firewalls, is it considered best practice to
have a central broker and SSL/VPN tunnel to allow the consumer in the
different zones or to have a Rabbit broker in each zone and federate them,
leaving the consumers to listen to messages in their own zone?

With the second option of having a broker in each zone, I assume from my
reading on the plugins site that the RabbitMQ federation plugin would be
the best option into terms of ensuring that messages sent to an
exchange/queue can be transferred to the correct broker  using amqp+ssl? If
I split the traffic across vhosts, can these be  aded to the federation
(i.e. If I want to split up traffic coming from different systems?)

Many thanks for your help and advice.


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