[rabbitmq-discuss] Messaging using both ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ

Iain Emsley iainemsley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 14:59:11 GMT 2011

I'm fairly new to the area of messaging and am currently trying to sort out
our messaging systems and make them more robust from the experimental
system that we have been working with in the last couple of months. One of
the requirements is to try and standardise the types of message broker
being used whilst retaining the existing flexibility that messaging allows

For the newer systems, I use RabbitMQ with PHP. We have a legacy system
that is Java based and has had Active MQ added to it to interact with the
messaging system that we are developing. Moving this to Rabbit is not
currently an option due the Java system using JMS to send out updates.
Although I've got a STOMP client reading from Active into the PHP system,
I've been looking at the possibility and practicality of getting the
ActiveMQ broker to talk to RabbitMQ.

The messaging sits across three different network areas of the business and
has to communicate across firewalls. I'm trying to get the ActiveMQ broker
to communicate with the RabbitMQ broker using the STOMP adaptor.

I've been experimenting with the STOMP plugin on Rabbit 2.7.0 on Ubuntu
10.10 virtual machine (assume IP of and trying to get it to listen
to an ActiveMQ broker on (Ubuntu 10.10 virtual machine).
Having set up the tcp_listener in rabbitmq.config  as {"", 61618},
the broker replies with an "eaddrnotavail" as I was trying to get the
Rabbit broker to listen to the port which ActiveMQ is publishing, having
had a PHP STOMP script listening to the same port previously.

Is it possible to configure Rabbit in this way so that I can have
standardise our system onto Rabbit? Or alternatively would I need to write
a bridge to consume from Active and publish to Rabbit? Even then though,
having typed this, I assume that the message would come across in STOMP
rather than be translated into AMQP (unless I did this in the
aforementioned bridge), so I would still need two consumers since we have
AMQP and STOMP messages coming across the network.

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice.


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