[rabbitmq-discuss] 404, "NOT_FOUND - no queue 'foo' in vhost '/'"

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Tue Dec 20 21:04:50 GMT 2011

I'm encountering a strange situation that I don't think has been covered by
other threads.

I'm running RabbitMQ 2.7.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the stock PIKA 0.9.5
client, and taking advantage of mirrored queues.

My scenario:
* I have two apps that ping-pong messages to each other using two queues (a
pseudo-RPC type of thing.)
* The apps talk to RabbitMQ via a keepalived monitored Virtual IP.
* Before starting the apps, I predeclare both queues.
* In the RabbitMQ management Web UI, I see both nodes and the Queues tab
shows both queues as "HA D", so I believe they're mirrored.
* Start up the two ping-ponging apps, let run for few seconds. Note messages
flowing back and forth.
* Stop the primary node (rabbitmqctl stop)
* Keepalived fails over the Virtual IP
* After a few seconds I see one of the apps resume processing messages as
* Shortly thereafter the other app gets an exception from
channel.basic_get(), which is the 404 "no queue found" exception.
* I don't believe it's a connection error, as during my queue reads, my
logic catches AMQPConnectionErrors exceptions and retries after a short
I've looked at my code carefully, and there's no calls to queue_declare
other than the original creation (item 3, above.)

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Thanks much,


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