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john doe john.doe44210 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 16:38:10 GMT 2011

Dear Steve,

Actually I am dealing with a distributed database (kind of), and I am doing
things like sending the same request to different shards, every shard
processes it and replies to the sender, which will merge results. It is
pretty much like a map reduce job.

I found out that routing offers nice ways for handling this kind of
request/response schemes (for example, I can send one request to one
instance of each shard of my computing grid with only one publish).

So I think you misunderstood my point, it is nothing like concatenating
multiple response messaging, but like a more generic rpc.


2011/12/5 Steve Powell <steve at rabbitmq.com>

> Dear John,
> Our work was, in part, prompted by your questions.  Thank you.
> I think we will be able to manage two of your three issues.  The 'multiple
> replies' scheme is tricky, and we do not intend to try this straight away.
> There are many problems with it which could result in an ugly interface.
> Is there any reason why a large reply would not be adequate?
> Steve 'bun' Powell
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>  On 5 Dec 2011, at 13:45, john doe wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > @ Mysurf: I asked almost the same questions about two weeks ago
> ("questions about RpcClient")
> >
> > @ Steve: Nice to see that you are working on improving these classes. I
> actually had three major issues with RpcClient:
> > - the lack of interface which made mocking quite difficult for unit
> testing (I had to inherit from the class)
> > - the fact that the routing key is a final attribute of the class (which
> makes me create multiple clients when using several routing keys)
> > - the lack of a "single request / multiple replies" scenario (with a
> expected number of replies and a timeout)
> >
> > John
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