[rabbitmq-discuss] using client from different threads

Steve Powell steve at rabbitmq.com
Mon Dec 5 14:53:24 GMT 2011

Dear John,

Our work was, in part, prompted by your questions.  Thank you.

I think we will be able to manage two of your three issues.  The 'multiple
replies' scheme is tricky, and we do not intend to try this straight away.
There are many problems with it which could result in an ugly interface.
Is there any reason why a large reply would not be adequate?

Steve 'bun' Powell
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On 5 Dec 2011, at 13:45, john doe wrote:

> Hello,
> @ Mysurf: I asked almost the same questions about two weeks ago ("questions about RpcClient")
> @ Steve: Nice to see that you are working on improving these classes. I actually had three major issues with RpcClient:
> - the lack of interface which made mocking quite difficult for unit testing (I had to inherit from the class)
> - the fact that the routing key is a final attribute of the class (which makes me create multiple clients when using several routing keys)
> - the lack of a "single request / multiple replies" scenario (with a expected number of replies and a timeout)
> John

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