[rabbitmq-discuss] Zombie direct exchanges

Rosa, Andrea andrea.rosa at hp.com
Mon Dec 5 12:04:15 GMT 2011

Hi Simon

> Well, they make your Mnesia database larger than it needs to be, and
> make the output of rabbitmqctl and mgmt unwieldy.
Ok, thanks

> > -There is a way to close zombie exchanges?
> You could iterate through them in mgmt.

> > To solve the problem I am thinking to publish messages with mandatory
> > flag set and to manage the Basic.return to close the exchange, is it
> a
> > correct design?
> Umm, you could I suppose. I would take a step back though - why are you
> creating short-lived direct exchanges all the time? What are you trying
> to do that you couldn't do with a single exchange, or with the default
> exchange?
Good question, I am implementing a RPC call so the server A ask for a remote call to server B, the server A declare the queue (temp_queueA) bind it to the direct exchange and wait for reply from server B.
Server A send the request, server B gets and execute the request and sends back results using the exchange bound to the temp_queueA queue.


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