[rabbitmq-discuss] problem starting rabbitmq

interglossa interglossa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 22:12:47 BST 2011

I have downloaded rabbitmq--server-generic-unix-2.5.1.tar (generic
linux tar) and am trying to run it on RHL 2.6.18-238.12.1.el5.  I have
built erlang 5.8.4 (R14B03) and when I run the server I get the

Activating RabbitMQ plugins ...
ERROR: generation of boot script file /export/xxx/
rabbitmq_server-2.5.1/mnesia/rabbit at hostname-plugins-expand/
rabbit.script failed:

Does this look as though I am using the wrong version of erlang for
this rabbitmq release?

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