[rabbitmq-discuss] STOMP & message-id

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Mon Aug 22 10:56:23 BST 2011

Matthias Radestock writes:
 > Are you sure you got this error during sending? Looking at the code, 
 > that error should only be generated in the (N)ACK path.

You are right, the error was during ACK'ing.

Here is precisely what I've done:
 - send message with message-id:dummy -> OK
 - subscribe to the corresponding queue with ack:client
 - receive the message, it does contain message-id:dummy -> OK
 - ACK the received message with message-id:dummy, as requested by the
   STOMP spec -> ERROR Invalid message-id

In other words, I cannot ACK this message...

 > One thing is certain though, Rabbit cannot simply pass through the 
 > message-id. That is because Rabbit encodes information in the message-id 
 > that it subsequently needs for processing (N)ACKS.

So in this case I think that RabbitMQ should overwrite any message-id
it receives so that the messages that it later sends can be acknowledged.
Don't you think so?



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