[rabbitmq-discuss] Temporary queue being made when task fails

SiddharthSaha sidchilling at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 08:14:24 BST 2011

I am using Celery with RabbitMQ. Lately, I have noticed that a large
number of temporary queues are getting made.

So, I experimented and found that when a task fails (that is a tasks
raises an Exception), then a temporary queue with a random name (like
c76861943b0a4f3aaa6a99a6db06952c) is formed and the queue remains.

Some properties of the temporary queue as found in rabbitmqadmin are
as follows -

auto_delete : True consumers : 0 durable : False messages : 1
messages_ready : 1

And one such temporary queue is made everytime a task fails (that is,
raises an Exception). How to avoid this situation? Because in my
production environment a large number of such queues get formed.

I do not want this temporary queue to be made. When a task fails, I
want that the task is tried one more time and even though it fails,
the temporary queue should not be made.

How can I do that?

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