[rabbitmq-discuss] Re : Re: Connection closed after 10 minutes. Cause : end-of-stream

Renaud rmartele at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 12:39:51 BST 2011

Here are two diagrams that will maybe help you.

The first shows the case where, after 10 minutes, the connection between 
.NET client and RabbitMQ Server closes itself :
(the error stack appears in the .NET client console and specifies that the 
client closed the connection)


The second diagram shows an other test that works fine, without the 
constraint of 10 minutes :

So, if it was a firewall problem, I think the second test wouldn't work.
I also precise that ".NET client" from the first diagram, is not the same as 
".NET client 1" and ".NET client 2" from the second diagram. But, it 
establishes the connection exactly the same way...
Would the problem come from the Java clients?
Java clients doesn't seem to be affected by this closure of connection after 
10 minutes.

Thanks for any help!

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