[rabbitmq-discuss] Vorpal Bunny 0.4 Released

Gavin M. Roy gmr at myyearbook.com
Wed Apr 27 05:51:41 BST 2011

Vorpal Bunny, the PHP client library for publishing messages to RabbitMQ using the JSON-RPC-Channel Plugin has been updated and tagged as a 0.4 release. Vorpal Bunny leverages the JSON-RPC-Channel plugin to create a light-weight publishing client that employs a single channel in RabbitMQ per Apache/PHP server. We use it at myYearbook to publish messages into RabbitMQ from our web-tier applications with less overhead than a traditional AMQP client.

0.4 is a minor cleanup with two primary changes:
Removal of the restriction for passing in an already JSON encoded string to the publish call.
Function signature change for publish, removing the mimetype and delivery_mode arguments and replacing them with a basic_properties argument.

The project is located at:


The latest version can be downloaded from:


Example usage:
 // Include VorpalBunny require_once( "vorpalbunny.php" ); // Create a new instance that knows where to connect to $vb = new VorpalBunny( 'localhost', 55672, 'guest', 'guest', '/' ); // Our Basic.Properties array $properties = arrray(); $properties['content-type'] = "text/plain"; $properties['app-id'] = 'example.php'; // Publish a message $vb->publish( "demo_exchange", "my-routing-key", "Hello World!", $properties );

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