[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance tips please

ristretto.rb ristretto.rb at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 21:49:51 BST 2011


RabbitMQ is an excellent product.  Thanks for all the hard working
contributers that make it available to us.

I'm trying to get smart on RabbitMQ performance tuning.  Can any
suggest best practices for getting the most messages / second through
a queue?

  Suppose a transient queue bound directly to a transient exchange.
No transactions.  RAM based node.   Apply load in terms many x byte
messages / sec.  Assume always a surplus of workers consuming from the
queue.  Measure the rate of message consumption.   What approaches are
there to maximise this number?  What are the bottle necks in RabbitMQ?
 Queues themselves perhaps?  Do queues have limits?  If clustering
distributes some cpu and memory load, it still sends message through
the one queue.  right?  If so, should multiple queues be created?
Perhaps sharding on routing_key?

Thank You

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