[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq + ejabberd

aw4y mobile at rehacktive.net
Sun Apr 24 20:34:55 BST 2011

hi all,
i'm a new member of this list, and a new user of rabbitmq.
so glad to be here.

i'm trying to integrate rabbitmq with ejabberd, to have client communicating
throught XMPP and AMQP in the same app.

I've followed this tutorial:

and of course this:

my problem is when i try to add an exchange JDI with my IM client (i use
adium on osx): this is the error i see on ejabberd logs:

=ERROR REPORT==== 2011-04-24 16:17:39 ===
E(<0.502.0>:mod_rabbitmq:154) : {undef,
                                     <<"YYY at server.XXXX.com">>},
when processing: {{jid,"YYY","server.XXX.com",[],"clare",
                                "amq.fanout at rabbitmq.server.XXX.com"},

and i have similar errors if i try to send a message to exchange through
XMPP (by adium client). Of course i think it depends on error about "adding
the contact" to IM client.

have someone tried something like it?
thanks in advance

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