[rabbitmq-discuss] suggestions for failover

Shane shane at digitalsanctum.com
Tue Sep 28 14:31:58 BST 2010

Anyone? This seems like it would be a pretty basic requirement for
serious users of RabbitMQ.

On Sep 27, 9:47 am, Shane <sh... at digitalsanctum.com> wrote:
> I'd like suggestions on automating failover of brokers and the
> consumers that are connected to them. The failover doesn't have to be
> active/active and may take up to a half hour. Ideally, I'd like to
> have at least two brokers located on different hosts. The hosts will
> have access to the same file system (NFS). The number of messages will
> be relatively small (<5K/day) and the number of queues no more than 10
> so one broker running at a time should be sufficient.
> I've looked at the clustering guide and it's purpose seems to be for
> scaling but not failover.
> I've also looked at the Pacemaker guide but it seems to be an involved
> and more complicated setup than what I need.
> What steps are others doing for failover? What are my options beyond
> the Pacemaker guide?
> Thanks,
> Shane
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