[rabbitmq-discuss] suggestions for failover

Shane shane at digitalsanctum.com
Mon Sep 27 14:47:04 BST 2010

I'd like suggestions on automating failover of brokers and the
consumers that are connected to them. The failover doesn't have to be
active/active and may take up to a half hour. Ideally, I'd like to
have at least two brokers located on different hosts. The hosts will
have access to the same file system (NFS). The number of messages will
be relatively small (<5K/day) and the number of queues no more than 10
so one broker running at a time should be sufficient.

I've looked at the clustering guide and it's purpose seems to be for
scaling but not failover.

I've also looked at the Pacemaker guide but it seems to be an involved
and more complicated setup than what I need.

What steps are others doing for failover? What are my options beyond
the Pacemaker guide?


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