[rabbitmq-discuss] Thoughts from a new user

Alexis Richardson alexis at rabbitmq.com
Sat Sep 25 15:42:52 BST 2010

I just wanted to thank everyone for all their input on this thread.
It has been really helpful.

As some folks have pointed out we are keen to improve the docs.  The
site grew and grew and got a little chaotic.  It is being improved.
Certainly we will be adding some 'get started in small steps' info
too.  If anyone would like to contribute, especially with patterns and
examples, let us know.

The roadmap question is a really interesting one for us.  To what
extent is it better to push forward quickly with broadening the reach
and possible use of Rabbit, versus strengthening its core?  Over time,
we try to do both, but at any given moment we may be leaning more in
one direction vs the other.  What are the best places where we can
engage with the community to achieve this?

I'm very interested in people's thoughts on this ;-)


On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 3:23 AM, Adam Nelson <adam at varud.com> wrote:
> Matthias,
>> Ubuntu is an excellent example. They have quite a rigid release regime, so
>> it can take a while for an upstream package to make it into a release.
>> Ubuntu users are used to that. The question is, what do homebrew users
>> expect?
>> We do have contacts at Canonical who we liaise with regarding the rabbitmq
>> packaging. Quite a few issues with rabbit and its packaging have been
>> resolved that way.  We'd like that situation to be the same for homebrew one
>> day. Let's see what we can do in the meantime ...
> Homebrew is kind of a ... 'homebrew' right now.  I wish this hadn't been
> picked up as the main point of the thread, because it's really the most
> minor point - meant more as an example than anything else.
> Anyway, here are some instructions:
> http://ask.github.com/celery/getting-started/broker-installation.html#installing-rabbitmq-on-os-x
> Thanks,
> Adam
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