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Noah Fontes nfontes at cynigram.com
Fri Sep 24 22:57:16 BST 2010

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On 09/24/2010 03:54 PM, Adam Nelson wrote:
> I don't know why there's pushback on this.  Everybody who responded to
> this thread who uses Mac was +1 for simply including Homebrew in your
> documentation.

The "pushback" is because it's not trivial to endorse a third-party
solution when you have no way to provide support for it. Because
inevitably when you do this, people will start coming to you for support
instead of the third party -- and then getting angry with you when you
say you can't help them. :)

Of course, they could publish their own version but it sounds like they
don't want to commit to doing that right now for several reasons
discussed previously.

> Do whatever you want.

I think your attitude is a little unacceptable. You seem to have some
grandiose ideas about how RabbitMQ should be developed with little
understanding of most of the community and developers surrounding it.
Saying things like "The documentation needs a major overhaul - soon."
is, to me, obnoxious having dealt with products whose documentation is
so abhorrent that it was far quicker to either attempt to read the
source code or, failing that, just find an alternative solution (the
case for probably 80% of all open-source projects, if not more). This is
not the case with RabbitMQ at all -- most of their documentation is
excellent, and although some is slightly outdated it's still valuable
because 99% of the concepts haven't changed between releases.

Please have a little respect for the engineers at RabbitMQ; I'd much
rather they focus on creating a stable, high-performance message-queuing
platform than spend their time trying to figure out how to migrate their
entire repository to git so you can fork and do pull requests by
clicking buttons instead of typing commands (and it's not like you can't
send patches to the mailing list or to their awesome legitimate
grievance address).

Not trying to start a flamewar or anything here, and you definitely make
some good points (e.g., RabbitMQ could use some better "beginner-level"
documentation imo -- it took me a few experiments to sort out how
exchanges, routing keys, and queues interacted for sure). Just my $0.02...


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