[rabbitmq-discuss] Best way to have default queues and exchanges

Abhishek Kona abhishek.kona at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 06:18:09 BST 2010


We are using RabbitMQ on EC2 machines. Each time we bring up an EC2 
instance with RabbitMQ we need to have certain exchanges and queues 
available on the instance.

The way we currently do it is writing a python Client code which creates 
these instances, but this requires the instance to have the Python AMQP 
library installed.

Is there a better way in which I can define the exchanges and queues to 
exist on a RabbitMQ server on installation.
Or is there a way in which I can create these exchanges and queues 
without having to install any libraries (If possible using shell script)

Abhishek Kona

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