[rabbitmq-discuss] HA and database schema changes

Steve Haneman shaneman at adobe.com
Tue Sep 14 21:28:21 BST 2010


I was looking over the release notes for "Release: RabbitMQ 2.0.0" and saw the following:


The database schema and the format in which persistent messages are
stored have both changed since the last release (1.8.1). When
starting, the RabbitMQ server will detect the existence of an old
database and will move it to a backup location, before creating a
fresh, empty database, and will log a warning. If your RabbitMQ
installation contains important data then we recommend you contact
support at ... for assistance with the upgrade.

We are considering deploying a HA RabbitMQ cluster with Pacemaker and DRBD.  HA is very important for us.
If there is a database schema change in the future, specifically what is the process for the upgrade and how does it affect HA during the upgrade?
Also during the upgrade, how do we maintain durable exchanges and queues?

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