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darrencruse darren.cruse at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 20:02:02 BST 2010

Only skimmed this thread not sure if I should comment since I don't know much
about RabbitMQ at all, but I have worked with NetKernel and what you're
describing sounds real interesting.

The top-of-my-head thoughts fwiw:

a.  Are you familiar with the new NKP protocol?  Sounds like you should at
least take a look if not - it's very much about cloud computing using
NetKernel.  They've built a high speed protocol using Apache Etch for
allowing multiple NetKernel's to work together.  


And they're latest downloads include an example doing a pub/sub model using
NetKernel with the NKP Protocol.

Here's a presentation about it from Peter Rodgers:

b.  But what you said about looking at the JMS source as a reference for
your RabbitMQ Transport was what I was going to suggest you beat me to it.

c.  I didn't know enough to know is there definitely not a JMS Provider for
RabbitMQ (probably a dumb question from a brief google it sounds like maybe
there's not).  If there was I wondering if in fact you could just use
NetKernel's JMS Transport with RabbitMQ.

d.  From your arch drawing I was surprised you were talking about Scala
Actors - why wouldn't you just run NetKernel on both JVMs?  i.e. The
single-within-a JVM scala actor model seems redundant with NetKernel's
dymamic request resolution between endpoints within a single NetKernel, and
distributed actors likewise seem redundant with using your RabbitMQ
Transport and possibly using asynchronous requests.  It seems to me the real
beauty whether using NetKernel or actors would be the elegance of choosing
one approach and using that consistently throughout the architecture - it
wasn't clear to me why you'd want to mix both.  But I'm probably just not
following what you were after - are you integrating existing systems this
way that already use scala actors or something?

e.  Likewise I noticed you highlighted the use of cron on the one box, but
NetKernel has nice cron like capabilites based on quartz.  So again it seems
like there'd be more synergy by using NetKernel for those needs too(?)

Just some thoughts fwiw (again I'm not a RabbitMQ expert and I didn't look
closely at your thread so I may be missing some things in what you're
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