[rabbitmq-discuss] Am I using Queues Correctly?

Tom Martin tom at devart.org
Mon Sep 6 14:03:44 BST 2010


I'm building a system which takes incoming messages, filters them and stores
them to DB. I have each of these three bits running as separate ruby
processes, if the filter or database saving processes die then when they
come back, new messages are waiting in the queue.

I've implemented this using two separate queues: an incoming queue and
a filtered queue. The filtering process just takes the incoming queue, does
it's business and inserts it into the filtered queue. The DB storing process
takes the filtered queue and stores them to DB.

I'm very new to RabbitMQ, is this kind of flow correct, creating two
different queues? or is there a better way to do it using Exchanges or some
other part of RabbitMQ?
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