[rabbitmq-discuss] Mgmt plugin (2.1.1)

Michael Vierling MVierling at attinteractive.com
Thu Oct 28 00:12:20 BST 2010

>>> Can anyone confirm whether the latest mgmt plugin works on 2.1.1?

We're running the Management 2.1.1 plugin without any issues.  We're using the latest Erlang R14B, RabbitMQ 2.1.1 and Red Hat Linux 5.4.

We build Erlang from scratch, but use the Rabbit RPM, then copy/install the binary plugin files.

Michael Vierling
AT&T Interactive

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On 22/10/10 14:16, Alext0 wrote:
> Unfortunately the R14B from http://repos.fedorapeople.org/ doesn't seem to be
> there yet.

Damn, you're quite right. I thought because it was listed it would exist...

> I've tried a couple of other things:
> 1) Built from src, but startup fails even with no plugins:
> Activating RabbitMQ plugins ...
> ERROR: generation of boot script file
> /opt/mnesia/flopsy/plugins-scratch/rabbit.script failed:
> {'EXIT',{{badmatch,{erl_prim_loader,error}},
>           [{xref_utils,find_beam,1},
>            {xref_base,'-make_libs/5-fun-0-',2},
>            {lists,foldl,3},
>            {xref_base,make_libs,5},
>            {xref_base,do_set_up,1},
>            {xref_base,do_set_up,2},
>            {xref_base,q,3},
>            {xref,handle_call,3}]}}

I'm not sure, but this looks strongly as if bits of Erlang are missing / 
not being found.

> 2) Tried a branch of Mochiweb that is R12B compatible from
> http://github.com/lemenkov/mochiweb.git

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this anyway; I think even if you got it 
working you'd run into similar problems with webmachine.

> Any other tips appreciated

I'm really not a Fedora / CentOS / RHEL expert (can you tell?) but I 
have seen someone build an R14B RPM by taking the R12B5 SRPM and 
substituting in the R14B tarball and tweaking the spec file (just for 
filenames ISTR). I don't think the overall shape of Erlang has changed 
enough for packaging to be different. That might be a useful approach.

Cheers, Simon
Simon MacMullen
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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